Bargain Stock Picks from a Chief Investor

Some people look at stock prices and ask, "Why?" Soleil Securities chief investment officer Vince Farrell looks at stock prices and asks, "Why not?" Where some see casualties, Farrell sees bargains.


One stock he particularly likes is cable operator Comcast.

"They have a lot of free cash flow, a $7 billion repurchase, and it fits into the idea that a cautious consumer is going to retrench a little bit, stay at home more," said Farrell, a frequent CNBC contributor. "Only 5 percent of their revenues come from advertising, which I want to avoid."

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That's also what appeals to him about Verizon.

"Verizon just raised the dividend a week ago," he said. "It yields over 7 percent; they're going to finance, easily, the Alltel acquisition, and they trade at less than 10 times earnings."

Retailer Macy's appeals to Farrell — because of its real estate holdings.

"Macy's owns half of their 850 stores, and if you put a modest value on it, at $100 a square foot, it's worth over $8 billion," he explained, adding, "The company has almost a 5 percent dividend yield."

Farrell also likes miner Alcoa.


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