Go Bananas on Fruit Companies: Strategist

Go bananas! There is a lot of incredible value out there, Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN, told CNBC when explaining why he has recently become a long-term bull.

Chambers says he is slowing dipping his toes back into the market, one day at a time.

He is picking stocks that have "been crushed for no reason to do with the credit crunch."

Chambers likes food producing companies, like banana company Fyffes, saying that the current crisis shouldn't affect people's ingestion of bananas, but the stock is down 75 percent.

The same can be said for the Irish cider maker Bulmers, no one will stop drinking cider, even in the credit crunch, according to Chambers.

But Chambers is not a fan of the commodities market, telling CNBC he believes commodities are going to be down for "quite a long time."