Stock Picker: These Names Are 'A Steal'

Eckhart's Peter Costa has three "G-rated" stock picks: giants in their sectors, each beginning with G.

First, let us point out that he is thinking long-term — a perspective that's very much in fashion among stock-market investors right now.


His first pick is General Electric.

"Obviously, they're getting hit because there are certain things in their portfolio that aren't that profitable at the moment, but it's still a great company, with a broad mix," he told CNBC.

"They're well positioned for two years, three years, and four years down the road."

He also likes General Dynamics.

"General Dynamics, I absolutely love at this level," he said.

"It's a steal to have the best-run defense contractor in the country in your portfolio."

The third "G" is Goldman Sachs. Why?

"Goldman runs the world," he said.


General Electric is the parent company of