What the Pros Say: Oil at $300; Gold at $2,000

Asian markets were hit hard again on Thursday as gloom about the global economy deepened, sending oil to a 22-month low of $55 a barrel and gold near the $710-an-ounce level. But CNBC's experts believe these precious commodities could climb in the long term.

Oil May Test $300 in 5 Years

Within the next four to five years, oil prices may surge as high as $300 a barrel, forecasts Puru Saxena, CEO of Puru Saxena Wealth Management. He tells CNBC that is why he still likes oil and other natural resources.


Gold May Spike to $2000 in Medium Term

Gold can easily go up to $1500-$2000 in the medium-term, says Johann Santer, MD at Superfund Financial Hong Kong. As such, he tells CNBC that gold at $710 is a good entry point.

Dollar/Yen Set to Hit 93

The Japanese yen is set to hit 93 yen against the dollar in the short term, predicts Masafumi Yamamoto, head of FX strategy Japan at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Dollar Likely to Continue Gaining

The Aussie dollar, Kiwi dollar and sterling will continue to remain under pressure against the dollar, says Jeffrey Halley, senior manager of FX trading at Saxo Capital Markets.

Best Tactic to Employ

Look for an asset class strategy that is highly diversified, which gives you the ability to go long or short in all kinds of asset classes, advises Johann Santer, MD at Superfund Financial Hong Kong.

Stock Picking Among US Blue Chips

When the markets recover, King Lip, portfolio manager at Baker Avenue Asset Management is looking to buy into blue chip firms that have weathered tough economic storms in the past, like McDonald's, P&G and United Technologies.

Banking on Domestic-Focused Sectors

Domestically-focused companies make good investments, says Malcolm Wood, head of Asia Pacific strategy at Morgan Stanley. He tells CNBC which sectors in Asia he is betting on.

Asia Investment Strategy

Malcolm Wood, head of Asia Pacific strategy at Morgan Stanley explains why he is cautious on Australian investments but is 'equalweight' South Korea.

Providing Long-Term Investment

Gome Electrical is one company that should provide long-term investors with protection, says Andrew Sullivan, sales Trader at MainFirst Securities HK.

Early Birds on High Alert

"The early birds, the market timers, should be on high alert because (in the) latest month we are developing what probably seems to be a reversal pattern," Edward Loef, technical analyst from Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers, told CNBC when looking at the DJ STOXX 600. But the downtrend remains in tact for the mean time, he warned.