Lightning Round: Aetna, Weyerhauser and More

Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

Aetna :
Cramer doesn't like the managed care or pharmacy benefits business especially now that Obama has been elected President. If Cramer had to pick one of these names, he would rather get into Express Scripts or Quest Diagnostics instead.

Merrill Lynch :
Cramer believes Stan O'Neal may have (to put it kindly) wrecked Merrill, and was very upset about how the company fell apart.

Jim is bullish on Weyerhauser. They are breaking up the company into a lumber trust, and Cramer believes they are going to be okay.

Switched out of FRO, the only one Cramer is recommending now is Nordic American Tanker .

Chicago Bridge:
Cramer is bearish on Chicago Bridge. They missed their quarter really, really badly. "I've never seen an industry just detonate like this" added Cramer.

Jim feels that Ameren is a little too aggressive for him. "Retreat to Duke" says Cramer. He likes utilities very much, but prefers to send you to Duke Energy instead.

Molson Coors :
Cramer thinks that Molson Coors has a good looking chart right now. With the price of aluminum coming down, and the price of hops coming down, this one is a buy according to Cramer.

ConAgra :
With many food companies like Campbell's and General Mills doing well in this tough market, Cramer however does not like ConAgra at all. He recommends selling it and buying Ralcorp instead.

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