Don't Miss Dylan On "The View"


They say Fast Money is The View for Wall Street. But what would happen if someone from our show and the gals got together?

Now that would be something to see. Personally, I wouldn’t miss it for the world and fortunately, I won’t have to! You won’t either.

On Friday November 21st Dylan Ratigan joins Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the rest of the gals for a very special episode of The View.

You know that the Commissioner is never shy about speaking his mind. If you watch Fast Money regularly you know he has a lot to say about the financial crisis and how the government is handling the problems.

I can only imagine what he’ll say when surrounded by strong, intelligent women whose opinions run the gamut from Mary Matalin to James Carville.

Personally, I want to see what he says to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She fights with everybody!

Then check back here right after the show for a quick survey about how you think he did. As always we want to hear from you.

Remember that’s Friday November 21st – if you live in the NYC area it’s 11am on Channel 7. Otherwise, check your local listings.

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