Desperation Indicator: Interviews Here, Interview There

There are lots of signs of Big 3 CEO desperation this week. Driving to congressional hearings, being contrite about past mistakes, cutting back their own salaries ...

One sign I get a kick out of is the interview circuit ... how much, that is, PR departments push their CEOs out on TV to get their message across. End-to-end TV appearances aren't easy. Many CEOs view them as a pain in the neck. So the more interviews a CEO does, the more desperate they are to get their message out.

I left last night just after our Maria Bartiromo interviewed Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli (see the video). Then I got to hear him repeat his bailout comments on CNN and Bloomberg as I radio surfed on my drive home.

That tells me things must be pretty dire. Especially since Nardelli isn't known for being fond of the camera. Probably a holdover from his days at Home Depot where he came under a lot of criticism for the company's performance and his $210 million pay package. (There's irony here, given present circumstances).