Market Tips: A Light Recovery in 2009

Hopes that governments worldwide will aid ailing industries and implement stimulus measures to fight against a deepening economic crisis lifted Asian stocks Wednesday. Experts tell CNBC an end is near for the economic gloom.

A Rebound May Happen in 2009

The progressive elements are taking place for a rebound next year, believes Thierry Apoteker CEO, founder & chief economist at T-A-C Financial. He tells CNBC why he sees a very mild rebound in the U.S. economy by the second-quarter of 2009.

At the Climax of Negative News?

"We've been taught in the last 12 months not to believe with a 100% conviction in anything because the impossible seems to become the inevitable without pausing to become conceivable," Andrew Bell, European strategist and director at Rensburg Sheppards said.

The fourth quarter is going to be the worst for economies, Bell said.

Bell sees growth rates for the fourth quarter between -3 and -6% on an annualized basis.

Bell is bullish on stocks over a 12-month view, but predicts the current quarter to be quite volatile.

Emerging Markets Fall Out of Vogue

A very shallow recovery may be seen in the second-half of 2009, forecasts Mark Konyn, CEO of RCM Asia Pacific. But he tells CNBC that emerging markets are unlikely to come back into vogue for some time.

Time to Accumulate Stocks

You will be protecting your wealth by accumulating stocks now, says Thierry Apoteker CEO, founder & chief economist at T-A-C Financial. He tells investors that the cheap valuations are presenting good buying opportunities.

Invest in Pharma to Preserve Your Capital

Pharma stocks with good balance sheets, good cash yields, good dividends, and still relatively modestly priced offer a safe haven if you want to preserve your capital, Neil Wesley, UK equities fund manager at Aviva Investors said.

Buy Consumer Goods


"If you can't eat it, if you can't drink it, if you can't smoke it, if you can't find it in your bathroom cabinet – then you shouldn't own it," Hugh Hendry, CIO and partner at Eclectica said.

Tears for Stocks in January?

The recent market rallies are based on hope, Simon Grose-Hodge, director and investment strategist at LGT Bank in Lichtenstein, told CNBC, adding that he sees the gains as a rebound rather than a recovery. Grose-Hodge suggests investors sell into rallies, rather than buy into weakness.

"We do not see this as being a happy new year. We think that the markets will come off and it's all going to end in tears in January," Grose-Hodge.

Stocks Prudence

Michala Marcussen, director of strategy and economic research at Societe Generale Asset Management, thinks investors should be cautious on stocks as she sees further economic weakness to come which would lead to increased volatility in markets.

The corporate credit space is a good area to invest in, as you get a healthy return as well as decent protection from the weak economic situation, Marcussen suggests.

Some of the highest grade convertible bonds offer investors a "much better opportunity" as it's got "the callable feature to get into equities if the markets should rally", Grose-Hodge said.

Start Buying Stocks Tentatively

Now is a good time to start buying stocks, but not aggressively, Charlie Morris from HSBC Global Asset Management told CNBC. Morris is investing mainly in UK stocks.

What Will Cause a Recovery in Oil Prices?

Oil prices may see a modest recovery if OPEC is able to achieve a high level of compliance with its production targets, says David Moore, commodity strategist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Oil Barrels
Oil Barrels

Commodities Stocks to Stay Weak?

Commodity stocks have been devastated, but they have more of a future than the financial sector, Hugh Hendry, chief investment officer and partner at Eclectica, told CNBC.

Asian Stocks Will Perform Well

Philip Niem, Asia investment strategist at Barclays Wealth believes that the Asian equity asset class will perform well over the longer-term. He tells CNBC that within the Asian markets, China stands out.

Wishing for a Christmas Rally

Hopes for a Christmas rally in Australian shares will probably fade if we don't get a rally in the later part of this week and early next week, says David Halliday, associate director at Macquarie Private Wealth.

Positive on Aussie Resources

The impact of massive infrastructure spending globally should be positive for Aussie resources, says Greg Canavan, head of Australasian research at Fat Prophets.

Big gold producers will do very well in the near future, believes John Farrell, senior equity advisor at Shaw Stockbroking.

Find Safety in Aussie Big Caps

Best place to hide in the Australian markets? In the big caps like BHP Billiton and QBE, says Colin Whitehead, analyst from Fat Prophets.