Buy Energy and Healthcare Stocks: Strategist

Dan Genter, CEO at RNC Genter Capital Management, said the bull market will return soon and it’s time for investors to start “brining their heads up out of the fox hole and start tiptoeing through the mine field” to buy into some sectors.

“This market, despite the lack of any good news, has really has shown an increasing ability to be very resistant,” said Genter. “We’ve tested the lows 3 times, and we’re up approximately 18 percent off the lows—we’re starting to build a very strong backstop here that the worst is behind us and the lows are going to hold…” Watch the video for the full interview...

He recommends the following sectors:

Energy—“We’re seeing a strong rally today and I think $40 [for crude oil] will probably hold--I’d go overweight if it went below $40. Particularly looking at the natural gas area, I doubt that we’re going to break $6 unless we have an extremely warm winter.”

Healthcare—“This administration is going to cast a much bigger blanket to provide more health care…I’d be looking to the generics right now in particular.”


Disclosure information was not available for Dan Genter or for his company.

Top Energy Stocks:

Exxon Mobile .

Chevron .

Top Generic Drug Stocks:

Teva Pharmaceutical .