Madoff On The Links: A Great "Return" On His Golf Scores?

We don't have any really good data showing specifically how Bernard Madoff pulled off his alleged ponzi scheme that shorted investors out of a potential $50 billion. The only thing we have right now to go on is...his golf scores.

Yes, Madoff was a member of three country clubs: Fresh Meadow and Atlantic Golf Club in New York as well as the Palm Beach Country Club in Florida.

Take a look at these scores. He played 18 times in 1998 and was pretty consistent, though I'd say it's hard to really say since some scores were undoubtedly thrown out by the system. The score that gets me is the last one. He doesn't play for an entire year and still shoots one shot worse than what he shot in his last round of golf, a year before. His index is 9.8, which means his handicap is 12. That's an interesting number considering Madoff's clients would get around a 12 percent return.

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