Bob Doll: Time to Put Some Risk in Your Portfolio

BlackRock's Bob Doll thinks it's time to put some risk back into your stock portfolio.

In a web-only interview with CNBC's Patti Domm, Doll says investors should overweight the safer names, but add a few higher risk stocks because they will be the ones that could outperform.

"In the course of 2009, risky assets will outperform safe assets," says Doll. "If you're hiding in Treasury bills and notes, it's time to put some of it to work."

Doll adds the hardest time to invest is generally the best time.

"I'm not saying we're going straight up from here, don't get me wrong," he adds. "But I do believe it is a time to say, 'Okay, markets have gone down a lot, now where are we? Forget about what has happened. What might happen from here?'"

Investors who feel compelled to wait until the market appears more solid could end up costing themselves money in the long run.

Doll recommends sticking with high quality, with basket of stocks like Exxon , Johnson & Johnson , Kroger —safer companies, good balance sheets.

At the same time, he says, it's time to look at more risky names like Valero , Capital One Financial and Toll Brothers .

"These are the kind of names we think will be good supplements to that safety and quality in your portfolio."

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