Investor Sees Big Value Plays

The current market environment is a value investor’s dream, according to Patrick Becker Jr., co-manager of Becker Capital Management.

“We’re used to only shopping on two aisles of the grocery store, and right now the entire grocery store is on sale, including the booze, the organic produce and the organic meat,” he said.

Becker is starting to add positions in the technology and energy sectors. His first pick is Intel , which he says has a balance sheet that can weather this storm.

“Intel (is) going to have higher margins on the backside of this, their competitors are on the ropes, there’s nobody else out there (and) laptops and desktops are going to need to be upgraded,” he added.

Becker also likes NetApp , which he says has a dirt-cheap valuation, and Royal Dutch Shell .


Disclosure information was not available for Patrick Becker Jr. or for his company.