Winners for 2008

Looking for some holiday cheer, this Christmas Eve.? Don't think of the glass as 97% empty. Rather, see the glass as partially full. As of yesterday's close 17, or 3%, of the S&P 500 are in positive territory for 2008. Seven of them are Consumer Discretionary, five are Healthcare, and three are Consumer Staples stocks.

Here are the S&P stocks that are up this past year - Hopefully, we will see that proverbial glass continue to fill up as we enter 2009.

Some of these stocks, like Autozone and Wal-Mart have been up all year, while others have rallied in the past few months. Autozone was also the top S&P performer in the last recession. During the 2001 recession, AZO gained nearly 160% and continued to rise an additional 20% the year after the recession ended. Like Autozone, Gilead Sciences , outperformed in the 2001 recession, gaining over 100% during the recession and another 9% in the year that followed.

As we enter the holidays, reflect on the positives and enter 2009 with an optimistic spirit.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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