New Year, New Start: Racquel's Path to Financial Fitness

The start of the new year is the perfect time for many of us to make our money resolutions. But unlike the typical new year’s resolution, this time, we have no choice but to make them stick. Every night this week Carmen is helping viewers stick to their goals of becoming financially fit and staying that way, no matter what 2009 brings.

Being financially fit means having the freedom to achieve your goals and withstand the ups and downs of any economy. It means resilience, from building core financial strength to solid money muscle. And that’s exactly what Racquel, our first entrant into Carmen’s financial fitness program, needs.

Watch the accompanying video segment to see how Carmen, credit expert John Ulzheimer and jobs expert Lisa Cullen help Racquel get on her path to financial fitness, one step at a time - and see her find out that when it comes to her debt, she's actually a lot better off than she thinks.


If you want Carmen to help guide you on your own financial fitness program, it’s not too late. Email us here with your story and your goals and you could be on the program.