Obama On A College Playoff: Picking His Battles

Photo By: Matthias Kötter

President-elect Barack Obama got plenty of buzz when he talked about his want for a college playoff.

Obama was asked last night by CNBC's John Harwood, at the end of an extensive interview what he thought about Utah's claim for a national championship, given that they are the only undefeated team.

"I think Utah has a pretty good claim," Obama told Harwood. "They're undefeated. I think USC, which had a great Rose Bowl, beat Penn State pretty badly. They've got a pretty good claim to being number one. Florida and Oklahoma, both have a claim. Texas, at this point, has got to feel like, 'Well, we did OK, too.'

"I think a football playoff makes sense. I've spoken about this quite a bit, and I think if you look at knowledgeable sports fans, they agree with me. But, you know, I've got to pick and choose my battles. I probably am going to be spending more time focusing on creating three million more jobs."

Meanwhile, speaking of the BCS National Championship Game tonight, eBay's Stubhub is reporting that the average ticket price on its Web site is $684 a seat. Compare that with last year's game, which averaged $1,362 a seat and the year before, which hit $1,329 a seat. In this economy, you are going to see tons of bargains like this. If you want to go to a game in 2009, it's going to be the cheapest ever.

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