Detroit Auto Show Stocks


Tanking sales and gloom hang over Detroit as its annual auto show begins this week. Maybe the worst is behind it. Last month the Bush administration, approved $17.4 billion in short term loans to Chrysler and General Motors.

GM and Ford are up 26% and 15% YTD respectively. Of course, that is after being down significantly over the past year and even more from their all time highs. Here is a comparison:

Ford :

  • Up 14.85% YTD
  • Down 60.75% in past 52 weeks
  • Down 92.8% since high of $36.54 on 5/3/1999

GM :

  • Up 25.94% YTD
  • Down 84.07% in past 52 weeks
  • Down 95.7% since high of $93.63 on 4/28/2000

Toyota :

  • Up 1.67% YTD
  • Down 37.59% in past 52 weeks
  • Down 51.71% since high of $137.77 on 1/4/2007

Honda :

  • Up 5.34% YTD
  • Down 32.17% in past 52 weeks
  • Down 44.87% since high of $40.78 on 2/14/2007

Goodyear Tire leads its peers in the auto and auto equipment sectors, up nearly 28% YTD. However, all is not positive for the automakers and their suppliers. Goldman Sachs added Harley Davidson to its conviction sell list. In the premarket the stock is down over 10%. Continue to the next page for a table of S&P 1500 automakers and suppliers and their recent performance.

Top and Bottom Performing Auto Stocks