Sites of the Day: Hard-to-Find Tickets, Free Tech Support and More

Find the cheapest prices for hard-to-get sports, concert and theater tickets at TICKETPREDATOR.COM. The site compares prices on tickets from hundreds of ticket brokers in the U.S. and Canada to help you stretch your dollar.

Need to track down the email of an old friend or business acquaintance? MY.EMAIL.ADDRESS.IS combs through the results from four different search engines to help find long-ago contacts.

Want to keep better track of your personal finances? RUDDER.COM lets you track bills and total spending , so you can monitor all your financial accounts from one web site.

Find out which restaurants in your area have specials on kids' meals with KIDSMEALDEALS.COM. The website lets you scan for nearby eateries as well as sign up for its monthly newsletter to find out more.

Increase your child's chance at an athletic scholarship with help from COLLEGECOACHES.NET. The website helps high school students reach the widest spectrum of recruiters with videos and profiles.

When you swipe your credit card at a vendor, that transaction fee the vendor pays to the card company is usually passed back to you. TRUECOSTOFCREDIT.COM gives you the inside scoop on how much using your plastic really costs.

Curious about the fat content of that KFC chicken leg or Carl's Jr hamburger? FATBURGR.COM has the nutritional information you need to make sure you don't pack on too many pounds at your favorite chain restaurant.

Looking for a free and easy web site for tech support on everything from printers to home theater systems? FIXYA.COM has manuals and troubleshooting to give you the inside scoop on how to make your gadgets work.