Stock Picker: Think Big Caps, Small Banks (Pt. 1)

Ted Parrish runs the four-star rated Henssler Equity Fund, and he thinks it's time to buy stocks. He's inclined to prefer large-cap stocks, except in one area.

"The only area that might be a little different is probably financials," Parrish told CNBC. "I think the regional banks, the smaller banks, are maybe in a better position at this point."

So what's he picking?

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In technology, he likes IBM, Oracle, Automatic Data Processing, and Apple, even after the dramatic announcement on Wednesday from CEO Steve Jobs.

"I don't want to play down Steve Jobs' role with the company," Parrish said. "He's a great leader; he's been an inspiration for technology; but...the company's in a good position to go forward...without Steve Jobs."

Among consumer staples companies, Parrish likes Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and Pepsico .

(See Part 2 for Parrish's Energy and Financials picks)


Disclosure information for Ted Parrish was not immediately available.