What the Guest Blog 3 Learned at Davos

CNBC.com's coverage of The World Economic Forum has enjoyed three high-profile business leaders as contributors this week. Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen, Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan and Nasdaq OMX CEO Robert Greifeld have all added their perspectives on Davos to our Heard in Davos blog.

They got together with CNBC’s Ross Westgate to discuss their experience of the forum.

Alcatel Lucent’s Verwaayen says that people need to move on from the doom-and-gloom thinking and get the spirit of Davos back. He notes that in Davos, people will only take you seriously if you say how bad things are.

His Davos highlight has been talking to the technology pioneers – “young people with great ideas,” that want to “get out of the blocks and go and do it.”

Infosys’ Kris Gopalakrishnan says its time for business leaders and policy makers to focus on the solution to the ongoing economic problems instead of lamenting what has happened. He has also been instilling the virtues of vegetarianism.

Nasdaq OMX’s Greifeld says that the economy cannot recover from recession until the financial system has been but back in good order. Without working banks there can’t be a recovery, he said.