Pros Say: Bad News Is Good for the Dollar

The dollar is making broad-based gains as the flurry of bad news currently buffeting markets sends investors looking for safe-havens. Even delays to the Obama administration’s near $900 billion stimulus package could boost the greenback further, one analyst told CNBC. Get the latest investment advice from the experts on CNBC, below.

Any Bad News is Dollar Positive

Any suggestion that the congressional passage of Obama's stimulus package may be delayed could be a further positive for the dollar, says Callum Henderson, head of FX strategy at Standard Chartered.

Nomura: Yen's Rise is Actually a Blessing

The yen's rise is actually a blessing because it reflects asset values have more or less fully deflated in Japan, relative to the rest of the world, says Paul Schulte, MD at Nomura International.

Asia Versus the West

Asia's cash-rich position can help offset the inability of the banking system to fund current holders of leverage, but there have been difficulties in finding investable ways to do this, says Paul Schulte, MD of Nomura International.

Gold Demand Down, Prices Up?

"Gold prices will stay high, and might even move up further," despite weak demand for the physical metal, Eugen Weinberg from Commerzbank told CNBC. He explains why gold has been trading the way it has and gives his outlook for the commodity.

Bearish Outlook for Commodities

Win Thin, senior currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. tells CNBC's Karen Tso that he has a bearish near-term outlook for the commodity currencies.

Confusing Times, No Set Strategy

"It's still not the time to be in the stock market," Ascan Iredi from Deutsche Postbank Financial Services told CNBC on Tuesday. With markets all over the place, it is very difficult to make an accurate guess as to what strategies should be, he said.

Time to Pick Up Financials

It is time to start and dip one's feet into selected US financials for the long horizon, says Ron Ianieri, chief market strategist at ION Options. But he warns to proceed with caution and leave plenty of room for more purchases over the course of the year.