Dominatrix Work Forces Recession to Its Knees

When the going gets tough, the tough get out their whips.


Are you listening to me?


One of the kinkier trends to emerge from this recession is that many professional women are turning to dominatrix work to supplement their incomes, Tracy Quan reports in her "Kinkonomics" blogon the Daily Beast.

Quan interviews some of the women who've turned to fetish work, including "Linda," who works as a editor by day and a dominatrix at night.

And "Jessica," who works as a web-site designer three days a week, and sees a few fetish clients a week.

Before you go passing judgment, check it out: You can make anywhere from $80 to $1,000 an hour in the dungeon.

What's the going rate in your cubicle?

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  • Jessica put it this way: Her day job enhances her resume, while her night gig pays her New York rent.

    "Chloe," a student, uses the extra money to pay for school supplies and to afford her the luxury of an unpaid internship.

    Now quit your whining about the recession.


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