Internships: How Far Will You Go?

Is there anything more depressing than the idea of the internship?

It's a testament to how crappy the prospects of young people are that even when the economy was roaring, we would still take these unpaid positions just to fill out our resumes.

And now? Well now wealthy parents are paying thousands of dollars to secure their children crummy unpaid internship positions at for-profit firms.

People are paying employers to give them non-paying jobs?

Man, I thought things were bad a century ago. Back then you might have to give your employer a chunk of your salary or something upfront to get a job, but at least that job paid money.

Now we've devised a system where young people work for nothing and they're happy about it! They're getting on the job experience! Yeah, they're getting some kind of experience.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all join hands and just kill the internship? Never gonna happen, not in this environment, and not when we recover.

But then again, they used to say that about unions.

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