Pros Say: Keep Betting on the Yen

Global stocks were down Monday as doubts intensified about the health of the global economy after data showed Japan's economy shrank in the last quarter at the fastest pace since 1974. But experts interviewed by CNBC are still bullish on the yen.

Dollar-Yen Seen Rising Toward 88

In spite of Japan's dismal fourth-quarter GDP data, Claudio Piron, head of Asia FX research at JPMorgan still expects the dollar-yen to head towards 88 by the end of the quarter, down to 85.

Bullish on Greenback & Yen

Ray Attrill, global head of Research Forecast Australia explains to CNBC why he is still dollar and yen-bullish.

Yen's Rise is Hurting Japan

The strength of the yen is hurting the equity market and banks' cross-shareholdings in other listed equities, notes PK Basu, chief economist, Asia ex-Japan at the Daiwa Institute of Research. He assesses how the yen's rise is hurting Japan.

Reviving the Japanese Economy

Japan's fiscal spending is unlikely to help the economy, says Martin Schulz, senior economist at Fujitsu Research Institute. He tells CNBC what the government and the central bank should do instead.

Japan Can't Do Much

As Japan already has a rather high public debt to GDP ratio, there isn't much it can do to mitigate the impact of this crisis, says PK Basu, chief economist, Asia ex-Japan at the Daiwa Institute of Research. He tells CNBC that its GDP may fall 3.8% in the next fiscal year.

Asia in Better Shape Than the Rest?

Asia is in better shape than other regions, says Kelvin Lau, economist, global research at Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Japan's Economy in Biggest Dive Since 1974