Steals & Deals: How to Form a 'Buying Collective' with Friends and more

If you can't afford comprehensive individual health insurance and want to buy an "affordable" alternative, be sure to read CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG. Its Health blog has a checklist of questions to ask yourself before any purchase.

If you and your friends need to cut down on costs, try buying the things you need, together, in bulk from warehouse stores. To learn more about forming a buying collective with your friends, head to CONSUMERIST.COM.

Need some more help to stretch your dollar? WALLETPOP.COM has 7 steps to help make you a better bargain shopper.

Why go name-brand when common cleaning supplies do the same job for much less? CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG'S Home & Garden blog has a list of 7 items you can stock, cheaply, in your kitchen today.

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