Does Clean Coal Truly Exist?

Cramer has been worried about the effect President Obama’s cap-and-trade plan will have on coal-burning utilities like Duke Energy . The plan, which seeks to limit carbon emissions, would amount to what is basically a carbon tax for Duke, and it could put enormous pressure on the company. Consumers, too, as that expense is passed on.

Some utilities, such as Dominion Resources, anticipated the crackdown on carbon and shifted their focus to renewable fuels. But Cramer’s not so sure Duke was as prescient. He’s been a fan of the stock and its dividend for some time, but thinks now might be a good time for reassessment. So he invited CEO Jim Rogers on the show to find out.

Watch the video for the latest on Duke’s two new coal plants and whether it was a good idea to build them, the truth (if there is any) behind clean coal, and the “unrealistic expectations” some have about reducing carbon emission significantly by President Obama’s 2015 deadline.

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