Market Tips: US Financials Rally Still Hot

Global stocks slipped Friday as the positive sentiment stemming from the G20 summit's coordinated action and united front diminished and was replaced by caution ahead of the U.S. nonfarm payrolls report.

Experts interviewed on CNBC see potential in the markets.

Time to Build into Stocks

Peter Redward, head of emerging Asia research at Barclays Capital says it is "time to build into equities", notably in resources & industrials. He shares his investment strategy.

Bank On These US Financials

Bank of America is an absolute steal at its current price, says Richard Bove, financial strategist at Rochdale Securities. He also likes Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, PNC Financial, JPMorgan Chase.

Bullish on Soft Commodities

Sean Darby, head of regional strategy at Nomura International says with food being less demand elastic, agricultural stocks would benefit from a supply disruption this year.

Go Long Steel

Stay long on steel and energy, advises Justin O'Brien, vice president at Citi Smith Barney.

Bet on China's Infrastructure Plays

Daphne Roth, head equity research, Asia at ABN Amro Private Banking likes China's infrastructure plays, especially its cement sector. She explains why and reveals her top sector picks in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Time to Shop Overseas?

Discussing whether it is time to invest in global equities, with Rick Steele, CEO of TechInvest and William Tomac, business manager at Global Value Investors.

Investing in the Philippines

The PSE Composite has been the second best performer in Southeast Asia this year. PJ Garcia, CIO of ING Investment Management reveals his top stock picks in the Philippine market.

Upbeat on HK Markets

The Hong Kong markets could retain its upward momentum over the next few days, says Andy Mantel, MD at Pacific Sun Investment Management.

Investors Missing the Rally

Investors are sitting on the sidelines too much and could be missing the best of the ongoing stock rally, Christopher Traulsen from Morningstar UK told CNBC.

Stay Cautious on Stock Rally

Stocks are in a bottoming process, but it's not "off to the races" yet, Dodge Dorland, CIO of Landor Capital Management, told CNBC Friday. Shorting stocks is less likely to make money now, he added.

Asian Rally Unsustainable

"There's still a lot of deflation globally, in particular in the United States. So I have a hard time believing in the sustainability of this rally," Mark Mathews from Fox-Pitt Kelton said of the Asian stocks rally. "You're going to see piles more bad data coming out of Asia as we got through the rest of this year."

G20 an Excuse for Rally

"The markets were looking for an excuse to extend this rally," Chris Wyllie from Iveagh said. It had little to do with the announcement from the G20 and everything to do with people positioning themselves around the view that this is another bear-market rally."

Rally to Be Short-Lived

"The road will be quite bumpy ahead for the next few months and we will see a lot of volatility still, but generally in the very long-term, it looks a bit better than it did before," Christoph Riniker from Julius Baer said. This recent rally is a short-term one, he added.