They Built This Citi, Now Use It


Sunday's New York Times reports that Vikram Pandit and Citigroup's

top execs not only won't be throwing out the first pitch in Citi Field when the Mets stadium officially opens in a couple weeks, they likely won't even be in the stadium.

This is something the taxpayer should be concerned about.


Because as long as Citi's name remains on the stadium, they should be trying to do business in it.

I know some of you are upset that the name is on the stadium to begin with, but now that we've come to terms with a strong contract that would likely involve a huge buyout fee, let's get real.

It's time to let Citi execs sit in the seats they already paid for and to use their two luxury boxes to try to help them become a little bit more healthy.

Opt for the chicken fingers instead of the filet mignon and don't come to Flushing in huge stretch limos, but now that this stadium has opened with your name on it, the public does want you to do business in it.

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