Source: Yankees Looking At "Wind Tunnel" Effect

New York Yankees
New York Yankees

In six games at the New Yankee Stadium, there have been 27 home runs.

That's an average of 4.5 home runs a game and, if the pace keeps up, that would yield 365 regular-season home runs. Compare that to last year, when only 160 home runs were hit in the old Yankee Stadium.

So to what do we owe the 128 percent increase to?

Because the majority of the home runs are carrying out to right field, it has been said the stadium's design has created a "wind tunnel" of sorts.

"With the way the wind has been the last couple of days, right field is a joke," an unnamed official told's Buster Olney. "I would say at least three or four home runs in this (Cleveland) series would be routine outs in nearly every park."

A source tells CNBC that the Yankees have done wind testing and didn't find anything that raised red flags in the past. The source says that the team will continue to study the wind's effect on the stadium design, even though the team would not be allowed to make any real changes until the season is over.

Many have said that a wind tunnel effect would be unmarketable. It's actually extremely marketable, as it basically creates a steroid effect presumably without the juice. Of course, it's only exciting if the Yankees are hitting the majority of the home runs.

Populous, the design firm formerly known as HOK Sport, which designed the stadium, did not respond to a request for comment.

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