Awaiting Proof on Provenge


Next week's gonna be crazy, especially Tuesday aka "Dendreon Day."

Shortly after I'm done anchoring "Worldwide Exchange" early Monday morning I'll be flying to Chicago to cover the highly anticipated data release on DNDN's Provenge. That's the name of the biotech company's unique, experimental treatment for prostate cancer.

Dendreon put out a press release today with its agenda for the day including an investor/analyst conference call and webcast at 5:30p ET.

But because there's such wild interest in this story, I thought it'd be a good idea to also lay out our agenda for our coverage as of today. Remember, though, this is the news business, so things can change in an instant.

I'll be doing a live preview report from CNBC's Chicago bureau studio on "Fast Money" at 5p ETMonday.

Then, on Tuesday I'll be reporting live from the McCormick Place convention center where the American Urological Association is holding its annual meeting.

At around 10:20 a.m. ET on "Squawk on the Street," I'll be doing a live interview with David Miller, President of Biotech Stock Research, who's been following Dendreon for years. We'll be talking about exactly what investors should be looking for in the Provenge data and what the stock might do under a number of different scenarios, among other things.

I suspect the volatile DNDN shares will be halted for trading at some point on Tuesday, maybe even all day for all I know.

Anyway, the lead researcher is scheduled to present the detailed clinical trial results during a prestigious "late breaker" session Tuesday afternoon at 3:20 ET.

That takes place in a big hall and promises to be packed with doctors, analysts, biopharma folks and probably some investors, too.

However, the AUA says the news media embargo on the test results will lift at 2p ET on the 28th. That's to coincide with the start of the full "late breaker" session at the meeting.

So, if that embargo time holds firm, I will be doing a live "CNBC News Alert" around the top of "Street Signs" with Erin Burnett and reporting the bullets.

I'll follow that with a "First on CNBC" live interview with Dendreon CEO Dr. Mitchell Gold sometime on the "Closing Bell" with Maria. And we might finish with a recap on Tuesday's
"Fast Money."

And I'll be tweeting on Twitter. You can also follow the AUA on Twitter at AmerUrological.

Speaking of Twitter, I get Tweets (Twitter messages) and emails at Pharma@CNBC.comasking for my opinion on DNDN and many other stocks, companies and drugs. I'm not an equities research analyst. I don't make buy, sell or hold calls. I'm a reporter.

And to dispel any conspiracy theories that I occasionally catch on investor message boards, I do not own individual stocks. CNBC policy strictly prohibits it and we are regularly and randomly audited. Besides, even if it were allowed I would find it unethical not to disclose ownership of companies I covered.

I just like what I do and I love a good story like Dendreon.

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