Market Tips: Atomic Gains from Uranium

Concerns over the recent swine flu pandemic continued to drag on global stocks Tuesday. Experts tell CNBC to buy into the dips, and look for opportunities in Asia and commodities.

Buy on Dips

Buy on dips in the markets, advises Chris Kimber, senior advisor at Bell Potter.

Upbeat on Uranium

An upswing in uranium has boosted investor confidence, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix.

Bullish on Agriculture Commodities

Concerns about the swine flu outbreak have weighed on agriculture commodities since the start of the week but Carlo Caiani, CEO of Caiani & Company remains bullish on this space.

Great Time to Buy into Asia

The volatility in Asian markets, caused by the swine flu outbreak, presents a great buying opportunity, says Wong Sui Jau, GM of

Adopt Barbell Strategy in Singapore

With so much uncertainty about where the Singapore market is headed, Nicole Sze, investment analyst at Bank Julius Baer advises investors to adopt a barbell strategy.

Swine Flu Weighs on Mexican Peso

Following the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, Callum Henderson, head of FX strategy at Standard Chartered expects more weakness in the Mexican peso.