Market Tips: How To Buy Selected Stocks

Global stocks have enjoyed a nice rally over the last few weeks. But experts are wary of how long the good times can last. They tell CNBC where they see value in these uncertain times.

Time to Buy Selected Stocks

Stephen Wood, senior portfolio strategist at Russell Investments tells CNBC why he likes high-grade corporate bonds, and is overweight the tech sector and low-end consumer staples.

Heaven, Hell or Purgatory?

Over the next five years, the markets could be likened to heaven, hell or purgatory. Geoff Lewis, head of investment services at JPMorgan Asset Management tells CNBC what each could entail, and the odds of it happening.

Beginning of a New Bull Market?

This is the beginning of the bull market, believes Francis Lun, general manager at Fulbright Securities.

Gold is Best Thing

Gold is the "best thing" right now, says John DiPlacido, oil trader and president of Energex. He explains his bullish stance on the safe haven asset.

Bearish on Gold

If economies were to recover faster than expected, Nouriel Roubini, co-founder & chairman at RGE Monitor thinks it could actually be bearish for gold.

More Upside Seen for Asian Stocks

The rallies seen in Asian markets could have further to go, believes Andrew Sullivan, sales trader at MainFirst Securities.

Emerging Markets Seen Consolidating

Over the short term, expect emerging markets to consolidate on the back of their recent rallies, says Stefan Hofer, emerging markets strategist at Julius Baer.

Outlook for Sterling

Don't get too excited over the sterling in the very near term, advises Emmanuel Ng, currency economist at OCBC Bank.

Yuan — The Next Reserve Currency?

Nouriel Roubini, co-founder & chairman at RGE Monitor believes the yuan's recent strength is an effort by China to reduce its dependence on the dollar. He sees the yuan becoming a major international reserve currency over time.

Don’t Believe the Rally

"Perhaps I've gone color blind, but I just don't see those spring shoots," Enzio von Pfeil, CEO of, told CNBC. Pfeil doesn't think that earnings are going to improve from here and doesn’t believe the stock rally will last.