Hidden Trades: Consumer Discretionary, Metals & More

Charles Campbell, senior sales trader at Miller Tabak, and Jim Iuorio, director at TJM Institutional Services weighed in on the best places to invest now.


Campbell's Picks:

Consumer Discretionary SPDR—“It’s up almost 38 percent. That’s outpaced broad market events,” Campbell told CNBC.

Campbell added that investors will be watching Wal-Mart’s earnings numbers due Thursday morning.

He said that “if consumers continue to be stretched, and Wal-Mart has trouble getting their merchandise out the door, then that is not an encouraging sign for other retailers.”

Iuorio's Picks:

ProShares UltShrt Fin ETF—“Every time we’ve had a rally, every time we’ve had a break, it seems like the banks have been in the forefront. A lot of people don’t know that you can short the banks by buying these inverse financial ETFs,” said Iuorio.

Titanium Metals—"A lot of titanium is used for defense and so when the administration changed from a 'saber rattling' to a 'peace-loving' one, people sold [Titanium Metals]," he said of the company. "But they forget that it’s also used in health care and sporting goods."


No immediate information was available for Campbell or Iuorio.