US Now as Risky as Emerging Markets: Manager

The risks of investing in the US seem as high as those for investing in certain emerging markets, particularly in the short term, Paul Ramscar, assistant director of private clients for Tyche in Hong Kong, told CNBC Thursday.

“There’s political risk there now because the government has proven over the last four to five months that they can actually go into a company and decide whether they want to keep the company or let the company fail,” Ramscar told Worldwide Exchange.

“So in terms of risk, we believe that the US is a lot more risky for investors at this current time,” he added. “Investors should focus on the growth regions such as China.”

“Why go to the US when it’s looking extremely risky there, when you can go to a growth region and gain from it?” Ramscar said.

- Watch the full interview with Paul Ramscar above.