Pros Say: Euro Will Retest Highs Vs. Dollar

The dollar rose on Tuesday as investors got back into safe havens after a reported missile launch by North Korea stemmed concerns of political risk. But experts expect the euro’s recent strength to return.

Euro-Dollar May Retest Dec '08 Highs

Licia Kok, treasury economist at United Overseas Bank Group sees the euro-dollar retesting its December 2008 highs of $1.42-1.43.

Bullish on the Dollar, Treasurys

There is more upside for the dollar and Treasurys, Paul Schatz, president of Heritage Capital, told CNBC Tuesday. Schatz thinks that gold will fall below $900 an ounce.

US Debt Can Be Financed Internally

Robert Kessler, founder and CEO of The Kessler Companies, says that U.S. debt can be financed internally. He tells CNBC the American people have supported the purchase of U.S. Treasurys in the past and they will do so again with the right incentives.

Save the US Consumer Sector

With consumers leading the U.S. recession, one way to help them would be to bring mortgage rates down, says Robert Kessler, founder and CEO of The Kessler Companies.

The Need for a New Financial Order

A new financial order needs to emerge, one that is based on grass roots initiatives, together with top-down economics, says Laurence Brahm, author of "The Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club".

Beware of Chasing Growth

Chasing growth may not always yield the kind of returns that investors are hoping for, cautions Markus Rosgen, MD & Asian strategist at Citi.

Germany IFO Data Has Bottomed

We have seen the bottom of Germany's IFO data, believes Pär Magnusson, senior analyst at Danske Bank. But he tells CNBC that Europe is not out of the woods yet.