The Lie Of The Tiger

Times are tough.

Everyone is looking for an edge.

So maybe companies will start to do what discount retailer T.J. Maxxis doing: Hire lookalikes!

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My producer Tom Rotunno saw this ad in the papers this morning. It's obviously meant to look like Tiger Woods. Whether you like the green polo they are trying to sell you or not, it does get you to stop.

I have one question for the lawyers out there. Can an athlete sue over the fact that the lookalike looks so much like him that they can allege an implied relationship with the company? Not only can you see a guy like Tiger maybe getting upset about this, you could also understand how a premium brand like Nike would be upset with an association with T.J. Maxx.

While we're on the subject. If any company wants to get a better Tiger lookalike than this guy, check out Canh Oxelson at his Tigers Double Web site. We're also quite impressed with this lookalike for Michael Jordan.

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