Market Tips: Leaving Stocks for High Yielders

The dollar strengthened against a basket of currencies Monday, extending gains made late last week as U.S. Treasury yields rose to 7-month highs after better-than-expected jobs data prompted demand for the greenback. Experts tell CNBC higher-yielding assets like the dollar will be the theme for the week as the yield curve steepens.

Investors Leave Stocks for High Yielders

After the U.S. dollar hit a three-month high against the Japanese yen, Thio Chin Loo, senior currency strategist at BNP Paribas, tells CNBC that the main theme of the week is the shift away from equities into higher yielding assets.

Yield Curve Will Steepen

The yield curve will get a lot steeper, says David Roche, global strategist at Independent Strategy Limited.

Fed Unlikely to Hike Rates Anytime Soon

Despite the better-than-expected U.S. jobs data, David Mann, FX strategist of global markets at Standard Chartered Bank does not expect the Fed to remove quantitative easing or hike rates anytime soon.

Rebound in BDI May be a False Dawn

The stellar rise in the Baltic Dry Index is possibly a bit of a false dawn, says Tim Huxley, CEO of Wah Kwong Shipping. He tells CNBC why he sees shipping rates readjusting downwards.

Singapore Property, Bank Stocks Attractive

Amy Low, head of equities at Manulife Asset Management thinks that property and bank counters in Singapore are attractive buys.

Hong Kong is in a Bubble

Hong Kong is in a bubble, warns David Roche, global strategist at Independent Strategy Ltd. He tells CNBC what contributed to this bubble, as well as which part of its economy is being artificially inflated.