Pros Say: Rally in Citi, BofA Stocks Finished

Despite Bank of America's shares closing over 8 percent higher on Thursday after KBW raised its rating on the stock, experts tell CNBC shares of big U.S. banks like BofA and Citigroup will tread water for some time yet.

Safe to Buy Stocks of Citi & BofA?

Stocks of U.S. banking giants like Citigroup and Bank of America are going to stay around $5-10 for a long time to come, believes Uwe Parpart, chief economist & strategist for Asia at Cantor Fitzgerald.

Financials Fare Better as Market Improves

As the market gets healthier, money tends to flow back into financials, says Jeff Carter, co-founder of

Long on Pharmas, Not Airlines

Bob Parker, vice-chairman at Credit Suisse Asset Management tells CNBC that he has a long position in the pharmaceuticals but dislikes the airline sector.

Bullish on Commodities

Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at The Bank of New York tells CNBC why he is still very bullish on commodities.

Greenback to Head Lower

The U.S dollar will likely go lower, predicts Akhi Kamkolkar, head of futures at Halifax Investments.

Betting on Metal Demand

Investors are starting to branch out from precious metals and move into industrial metals, to try and capture the global growth trend, Daniel Wills from ETF Securities told CNBC.