Market Tips: Sell Volatility

Global stocks inched higher Friday as investors become more optimistic on the economic outlook after data showed gains in Chinese industrial output and a rise in U.S. retail sales. Experts tell CNBC a new bull market has begun and the best way to trade currencies is to sell volatility.

We're In A New Bull Market

We got into a new bull market last week, says Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Mirae Asset Securities. He also believes rich people are going to feel better about the economy, and explains why he is now a "maximum bull".

Best Way to Trade FX

The best way to trade the currency markets at the moment is to sell volatility, says Thomas Harr, senior FX strategist at Standard Chartered.

Measuring Volatility

The VIX reflects positive investor flows and performance in equities, says Bob Parker, vice-chairman at Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Don't Add to Risky Positions

Adding to risky positions doesn't make sense now, says Robert Rennie, currency strategist at Westpac Bank. He tells CNBC why taking profit now makes sense.

Market Drivers

Worries about inflation and higher oil prices have not been priced into the market says both Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Mirae Asset Securities and Bob Parker, vice-chairman at Credit Suisse Asset Management.

When Will Earnings Bottom?

Earnings will likely bottom in the next six to twelve months, predicts Justin O'Brien, vice president at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Recovery Led by Emerging Countries

“This is going to be a recovery that is going to be lead mostly by the so-called emerging countries," Nani Beccalli, president & CEO of GE International, told CNBC. GE is the parent of CNBC.

Spare Capacity Drying Up?

"There isn't much spare capacity on a global basis ... it comes from the fact that the last cycle was a cycle of under investment," Michael Browne from Sofaer Global Research told CNBC.