Singh Not Wearing Stanford At Tournament


For the second straight day, while practicing at Congressional Country Club to gear up for this week's AT&T National , Vijay Singhwas not wearing a hat and shirt with the Stanford Financiallogos on it.

Instead, it appears like the trouble with the company has finally led the golfer to revert back to gear with Cleveland Golf logos on it. Before this year, Cleveland Golf owned the real estate on Singh that Stanford purchased in January.

A spokesman for IMG, which manages Singh, would not say whether the change was permanent.

Soon after Singh signed the Stanford endorsement deal, reportedly worth $8 million, the company stopped paying Singh, but the golfer continued to wear the company's logos.

He also continued to be associated with the company despite the accusation by the SEC that Stanford was running an $8 billion ponzi scheme.

After the company's chief executive Allen Stanford was charged with 21 criminal countslast week, Stanford's attorney acknowledged that Singh offered to put up some of Stanford's bail money. Singh wasn't allowed to do so because he was not a citizen of the United States.

The bail issue was a moot point as a federal judge ruled Stanford to be a flight risk. He is currently being held without bail at a federal detention facility north of Houston.

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