Jackson Memorial: Not Quite The Logistical "Thriller"

The anticipated crowd of 750,000 never materialized outside the Staples Center for the Michael Jackson memorial, and what many feared would be a nightmare has been less stressful than the Lakers celebration and parade just a few weeks ago.

Still, business is up at the hotels and restaurants, as I reported earlier.

But here's the most outlandish attempt yet to cash in, Michael Jackson's face on toast.

Thankfully, no one seems willing (as of this writing) to pay more than $20.50 for it. Actually, let me rephrase that. Who would pay $20.50 for Michael Jackson's face on a piece of toast?

Then there was the most surprising shout out for Yum Brands' KFC, as Magic Johnson told mourners how shocked he was the day he discovered Jackson ate Kentucky Fried Chicken. "That made my day," said Johnson. It made Yum's day as well.

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