Cramer: The Market's 4 Big Drivers

The Dow’s big jump on Thursday is real, Cramer said during Stop Trading!, thanks to positive news in health care, autos, housing and tech. He thinks that some of the related stocks deserve higher share prices.

“I think that there’s a lot of things that are happening individually and in individual stocks that are quite exciting,” the Mad Money host said.

Wall Street had punished health-care stocks in anticipation of President Obama’s intended reforms, but we now know that any legislation coming out of Washington will be much less damaging to those businesses than expected. That means the companies are trading well below their true valuations.

Ford Motordelivered a strong quarter, leading Cramer to believe in a possible increase in the autos build. That would most likely result in much-needed hiring, which would help with US unemployment issues.

The real estate market seems to be stabilizing as well, Cramer said. Hence the moves in stocks like Fortune Brands , Black & Decker , Whirlpool and other housing-related plays.

Cramer also pointed to rising tech stocks, as consumers continue to spend money on the latest gadgets. The Mad Money host lately has been touting the mass adoption of mobile Web and its accompanying product cycle as a key secular growth driver right now.

Elsewhere in the market, Cramer said that Tupperware Brands is “not done going up.” He credited the company’s push into emerging markets and its growing product lines for the stock’s success.

Johnson Controls is “the winner” on any increase in the autos build, Cramer said. He recommended that investors buy this “forgotten industrial,” whose good quarterly report, announced just a week ago, Wall Street has already left behind.

Buy Wynn Resorts if you want a play on Macau, China’s answer to Las Vegas. Cramer expects Macau to be “huge,” he said, and Wynn is well positioned there. He said the stock could reach as high as $70, which would be a significant move from its present price of $45.

Lastly, Celgene has turned itself around, Cramer said. A number of bad quarters have given way to successful drug trials, and that makes the stock a buy for future drug approvals and earnings.

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