Gortat Won't Be Wearing New Reeboks Next Year

Marcin Gortat
Photo by: HuBar
Marcin Gortat

The odds of Marcin Gortat wearing Reebok shoes next year have seriously decreased. That’s because Reebok won’t be providing the Orlando Magic backup center with free shoes anymore.

During the NBA Finals, Gortat disclosed that executives with the adidas-owned Reebok brand asked that Gortat cover up the Air Jordan tattoo on his calf since that brand is owned by competitor Nike . Gortat refused, saying that Reebok wasn’t paying him enough.

The truth of the matter is they weren’t paying him anything. While Reebok did provide free gear to Gortat, “at no time did Reebok have a contract” with him, said Tom Shine, Reebok’s senior vice president of sports and entertainment marketing.

Shine said Reebok was in talks to actually sign Gortat -– dubbed the “Polish Hammer -- before the Jordan tattoo became an issue.

It is not known if Gortat, who was signed by the Magic to a five-year, $34 million in the offseason, will have to buy his own Air Jordans.

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