Winner Panics Over $4.6 Million for Crypt Above Marilyn

Remember the widow who was selling her husband's crypt, which just so happened to be above Marilyn Monroe's?

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

It sold on eBay for a cool $4.6 million, but the winning bidder, a Japanese man, apparently backed out after he received the invoice, citing the "paying problem," according to the LA Times.

That means that “eternity directly above Marilyn Monroe” as the auction promised, is still up for grabs!

The family had feared such a thing would happen if they went through such a mainstream outlet as eBay, said Steve Miller, a real-estate broker and family friend who’s handling the sale of the crypt for the family.

Miller has apparently contacted 11 other bidders who bid at least $4.5 million to see if they are interested — or legit.

So, Richard Poncher who has been buried in the crypt for 23 years, face down, so he could eternally look at the blonde bombshell, is going to get a little reprieve. A few more stolen glances.

But Miller said if they don't sell it now through eBay, they'll explore other options, including timing it to the 50th anniversary of the Monroe's death, which will be Aug. 5, 2012.

Richard Poncher's widow, Elsie, decided to auction the crypt off on eBay so she could pay off the mortgageon her $1.6 million Beverly Hills mansion, and leave it to her kids, free and clear.

Richard Poncher will be moving to the crypt next door, above the one reserved for Playboy octogenarian Hugh Hefner, where he may get a catty-corner glance at Monroe, and await the arrival of his wife. Elsie plans to be cremated and share the crypt with her husband.

If you're interested in getting in on what may be one heck of an afterlife party, I hear the crypt two doors down from this one (in the row above Monroe) is available for $250,000.

But let the Ponchers' love story be a lesson to you: If you want to make sure your time with Monroe is, indeed, for eternity, you'd better get it in writing!

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