6 Stock Picks for 'Times Like These'

According to the most recent weekly survey by the American Association of Individual Investors, 49 percent of participants were still bearish on the markets.

Mark Travis, CEO of Intrepid Capital Funds, and Paul Alan Davis, senior portfolio manager at Charles Schwab Investment Management, discussed what must be done to get investors off the sidelines. (See their stock picks, below.)

“It begins and ends with trust and getting investor interests aligned better than they have been,” Travis told CNBC.

“A lot of these financial services firm have conflicts of interest that are scaring the consumer—and we’re going to have to make some changes that more closely align people’s long-term interest.”

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Travis said he likes the small market-cap names.

In the meantime, Davis told investors to look into the high quality companies.

“During times like these, we think: safety, safety, safety,” he said. “Stick with the tried and true and companies that do well in all types of market cycles and look at price book ratios. Trust companies that are in the business and know what they’re doing in stressful periods of time like this.”

Travis Likes:

Weis Markets


International Speedway

Heineken Beer

Endo Pharma

Davis Likes:

JPMorgan Chase



No immediate information was available for Davis or Travis.

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