Market Tips: Go For Materials, Energy Stocks

Global stocks were lower Monday as Chinese shares sank over 6 percent to a 3-month low, sapping investor willingness to take risks. But experts tell CNBC there is long-term value in the materials and energy sectors.

Hunting for Long-Term Value

James Holt, VP of BlackRock Investment Management sees long-term value in the materials and energy sectors. He reveals what else looks attractive to him and why.

Crude Direction

Crude is likely to head lower, says Peter McGuire, managing director at CWA Global Markets.

Upbeat on Ireland

Ireland is one of the best markets in the world, says Don Meij, CEO & MD of Domino's Pizza.

HSI Seen Weakening

Over the next few weeks, the Hang Seng index could weaken and test support for 18,200 points, predicts Peter Lai, director at DBS Vickers Securities.

Watch JGB Yields

John Noonan, senior forex analyst at Thomson Reuters says the market is closely watching JGB yields. He tells CNBC that if much of Japan's public spending has to be funded by debt issuance, that will push up JGB yields and give strength to the yen.

Yen Gains Against the Dollar

Despite the yen's strength versus the dollar Monday, David DeGaris, senior economist at nabCapital is not bullish on the yen over the medium term.