Mad Mail: Trading Swine Flu?

Dear Jim:Hope you had a good weekend! How 'bout your Eagles? Went to Nicola's last night with friends and enjoyed a sausage nic-a-boli. I closed my eyes while eating those fries, and I was seventeen again! Anyway, saw your book on the wall and was reminded of you talking last week about dropping your daughter off at college and having to listen to the grill on swine flu! Just want to throw a little support your way, having had two just finish college this past spring myself- your daughter will be fine! I just wish worry wouldn't be synonymous with parenting!! Pink-ah! Boo-yah! --Lisa

Cramer says:“By the way, Lisa, I should have mentioned that CVS and Walgreen are good ways to play swine flu.”


Hi Jim:I have been researching to find some extremely solid companies (those with a good balance sheet and international exposure) that seem to be off the radar. I have come up with Heinz and bought it just before its recent spike this past week. I bought it with the idea that it could go to the mid $40s, if not $50. Am I being too optimistic, or is this just a great company with upside potential? --Mike

Cramer says:“The problem, Mike … people do not like these stocks when the economy’s getting better. You’ll have to sit on that yield. You could conceivably have a Cadbury-Schwepps if there’s a Kraft [that comes] along, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So you’re going to have to be patient. It’s not the right stock in this environment.”


Dear Cramer:Great education, great entertainment, great books! Looking forward to Getting Back to Even. I've heard you say you don't like to increase your position in a company once its stock price has moved above your cost basis. I've also heard you say you only care where a stock is going - not where it has been. How do you reconcile these two paradigms when you feel strongly that a stock you currently own is going higher? --Steve

Cramer says:“There is often the case, Steve, where my disciplines do conflict … You have to just completely go at loggerheads with yourself sometimes for good investing. Those two disciplines, when they cross, it’s a very tough decision to make.”


Booyah!:I recently purchased EnCana as a natural gas play after a viewer noted its great fundamentals during the Lightning Round. ECA recently announced that it was dividing into two separate companies. One would be an integrated oil company, and the second would be a pure-play natural gas producer. This action should be completed by late November. In your view, will this enhance the value of this company and does ECA have room to run? Thanks for all you do for us little guys! --Del

Cramer says:“If you believe … that coal is going to be king again … then you will not make money. If you believe like I do that natural gas is the bridge fuel of the future, then you will. I think the latter course is the way to go.”

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