MillerCoors Gets Bang For Buck On Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Photo by: Steve Carlton
Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The most talked about part of the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium is of course the world's largest HD video board, but a couple weeks from now it will all be about the two Miller branded bars on the stadium's field level.

When the Cowboys were dreaming up unique ways to make a mark with their new venue they thought of the idea of having players from both teams come from the locker room through a fan infested area onto the field.

The folks at MillerCoors, a longtime partner of the Cowboys, took it a step further. They convinced the Cowboys to turn the gladiator style walkthrough area into bars.

The idea would probably be an unsafe one if anyone could get into these areas. The truth of the matter is that only the most wealthy - who are less likely to cause trouble - have access as a result of buying a package that includes a field level suite and the same number of seats in the stadium's first couple rows.

It doesn't stop there for MillerCoors, the Cowboys' biggest partner. They have other branded areas of the stadium - mostly Miller Lite - including a special area where team dancers dance throughout the game. And yes, their belts and uniforms do have Miller Lite logos.

MillerCoors also spent $1.2 million combined to have the exclusive right to flash their product on two video boards.

On Now

The spend with the Cowboys is so big because Texas is the beer companies' most profitable state. Being able to market the Cowboys everywhere - except in a 75-mile radius that surrounds the Houston Texans territory - is a powerful tool, said Dan Hennessy, the director of marketing for MillerCoors southwest region.

MillerCoors' deal with the Cowboys runs through the 2020 season.

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