Buy Firms That Are 'Deeply Out of Favor': Strategist

David Nierenberg of the D3 Family Funds shared his market insights from the Value Investing Congress in New York and where investors can look to make profit.

Nierenberg told CNBC that he buys companies in industries that are “deeply out of favor” and said even with the market’s strong recovery off the March lows, there is still good value out there, given the selloff that preceded it.

Nierenberg said at this point, the dramatic decline in natural gas has him looking at the space.

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“The reason that prices went down is that new technology was developed to extract natural gas from shale," he said. "And while that’s being done well in the United States, there hasn’t been much exporting of that technology around the world yet by American companies and we think that might be a very interesting opportunity.”

Additionally, he likes the health care sector where the shadow of the reform has pushed a lot of stocks lower and has created some buys.

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