Does Uncle Sam Want You To Get The H1N1 Vaccine?


It appears the federal government wants people to get the H1N1 flu vaccine this winter, though it would be nice if there were actually enough doses available.

I say "it appears" the government wants us to get vaccinated, but I'm not sure.

This animated video from the Department of Health & Human Services is meant to explain to children how the vaccine will help.

Using a song, the video tells kids that a flu shot "might hurt a little bit, but it's gonna help a whole lot!" Do you even want to let kids know there's a shot involved? Singing "Roll up your sleeves, and come and get it!!" is not a good selling point. Actually, there's no way to sell the idea of a shot to children. Bribing doesn't even work. Believe me, this I know. But no one at HHS seems to realize this, because the video ends WITH ONE OF THE ANIMATED KIDS GETTING A SHOT.

Then there's just the annoying factor. After seeing this video, someone wrote me, "Did the vaccine make those people look that way, or was it the Panama Red I had earlier?"

Meantime, the flu biz may be bad for corporate America this winter due to lost productivity, unless you're a doctor! According to Sageworks, which provides data to companies, visits to doctors offices are way up despite the down economy.

The firm says while dentists are only seeing a one percent increase in office visits this year (down from a 7 percent increase last year), physicians are seeing a whopping 16 percent jump in office visits, more than double the average growth between 2006 and 2008.

That's a...healthy...improvement.

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