Buffett and Gates: Keeping America Great

Quiz: Warren Buffett & Bill Gates: The Billionaire BFFs

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates are proud to call each other best friends. This might seem like a bit of a mismatch. After all, Gates' name is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, while Buffett doesn't even have a computer at his desk. However, the two have forged a strong bond anyway, due in part to their mutual love of the card game known as bridge. It's true --- the cunning investor and the captain of industry like almost nothing better than their bridge partnership, and have been known to play the game online together for twelve hours a week. The two men also share a commitment to philanthropy. In 2006, Gates announced his plan to donate a significant portion of his wealth to charity, the majority of which was intended for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

While neither man is a well-to-do eccentric like Howard Hughes, these billionaire BFFs have still led undeniably exceptional lives. In the following quiz, can you tell which responses are based on facts from Buffett's and Gates' real lives?

Posted 11 Nov 2009